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gucci replica—Why can’t Gucci and the woman with Coach be a good girlfriend?

There is a very interesting phenomenon in the entertainment circle: whether it is a good girlfriend or a fake sister flower, everyone only plays with people who are equal to their own coffee.

Therefore, Wang Fei Na Ying Liu Jialing is a girlfriend, Li Xiaowei Gan Wei Ma Su is ferromagnetic.

The four girls with different gucci replica backgrounds in “Little Times” have become a good girlfriend who was born and died together. It doesn’t exist!

When it comes to Li Xiaoyu, it is commonly known as the Teddy Sisters. It is also quite a bit of a gossip. Before Huo Siyan Liu Wei Xiong Naiqi Qin Hao and others are also the resident staff of this organization.

Later, as everyone’s development speed was inconsistent, the trajectory of life was very different, and this organization gradually became divided.

The earliest photo of the group was the C position of Li Xiaoyu Station. Everyone was like a crowd of people around the world. At that time, Gan Wei had not married Jia Yueting, nor did she grow up.

Just a few years later, Levi’s pre-existing Gan Wei has undoubtedly replaced Li Xiaoyu as a well-deserved soul.

Even when Li Xiaoxi was born sweet gucci replica, she specially invited her to cut the umbilical cord for her children. Because superstitious children will repeat the fate of cutting the umbilical.

Estimated to associate Gan Wei at the moment, Li Xiaoyan can not help but sweat for sweet.

There is also a person’s history of friendship development is quite bizarre. That is, Yang Mi, who has developed very strong momentum in recent years.

I stumbled upon the fact that Zhang Meng was actually a girlfriend with Yang Mi.Who celebrated his life and kissed each other.

Later, Yang Mi’s famous girlfriend became Liu Shishi, and then suddenly he and Liu Shishi gradually drifted away. In recent years, they have not seen any photos.

Later, it was for her to tear the scum male Tang Yan, Tang Yan is also the only bridesmaid of Yang Mi.
With the relationship with Tang Yan in the past two years has also turned weak. And even did not wish the other party a happy birthday on Weibo, I feel that Yang Mi has no good female friends in the circle.

There is even an entertainment number that directly takes this title: Yang Mi has no friends, who is playing with whom.

Whether this is true or not is not known.

But one thing you can be sure of is that as your career gets better and more busy. You will be able to chat with friends and have a time of afternoon tea tour.

It’s just that the time of making friends will be compressed, and the time until the marriage and childbirth is small will be compressed.

So on the surface, Yang Mihong will not play with friends who have developed careers. But the fact is very likely that she has stayed in the crew for 300 days a year and she has no time to make friends.

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